artist works

  • dennis-main 

    Dennis Wong 

  • Home is an exhibition space 

    Eric Hui 

  • To Here Knows When #006. 

    Lee Chi Leung 

  • The series of finding Tsangyang Gyatso 

    Liu Wei Tong 

  • Read me No.1&2 

    Lo Mei Man(siu man

  • Classic of Mountains and Seas 

    Pazu Chan 

  • Siu Go Home 


  • You got your way to go

    Chiu Sung Ying 

  • back in time breed by choice 

    Wilson Tsang 

  • In TocToc's private space 

    Wong Liang Yih 

  • home 

    Cai Ying 

  • Off the wall 


  • A Corner of Home 

    Gu Tian Chang 

  • Pipe Meditation 

    Hao Nan 

  • It's about reality, not about art 

    Li Yao 

  • Confirm and Affirm 

    Song Xi 

  • Tire and Pot 

    Wu Song 

  • One Day 

    Wu Wei 

  • Until… 

    Yang Xin Jia 

  • Home is an exhibition space 

    Candy Bird 

  • LuLu's Dream 

    Micky Chen 

  • Mr. Ogay 

    Mr. Ogay 

  • Home Exhibition 

    Annysa Ng 

  • for my mother 

    Celia Caturelli 

  • staircase 

    Christine Kriegerowski 

  • Dignity

    Detlef Günther 

  • Constructions 

    Oliver Siebeck 

  • anywhere 

    Yuan Gao